Can a Narcissist Fall in Love Permanently? – The Common Questions about Narcissism

Can a narcissist fall in love permanently? That might be the question many people ask as they wonder how a person with personality disorder can truly loves someone unconditionally. As everyone is familiar with the term of narcissist which refers to a person who always sees themselves above the others, wants to be the center of attention, and boasts about their achievements and successes with no respects of the others.

A narcissist is someone who loves themselves more than anyone so how can a narcissist fall in love permanently with someone else? Let’s find out about it.
narcissist in love relationships

Misconception about Narcissist

If we’re talking about narcissism, we think about a person who is beyond selfish, who loves themselves too much, likes to seek attention, and brags about how great they are and don’t think about others but themselves.

Most people must think that a narcissist can’t fall in love with someone due to their personality disorder. However, it is actually a misconception.

How a Narcissist Falls in Love

can a narcissist fall in love permanently
A narcissist actually can fall in love. Like any other people who don’t have any personality disorder, a narcissist can love someone else. However, they have different way to show it. Their love is different from what normal people assume about love. To make it clearer about how a narcissist can fall in love, you have to look at the points below:

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A narcissist loves someone since they love themselves. They are able to become extremely devoted to someone when they are certain that they have found a catch they are worthy to obtain. As a narcissist is a selfish person and has very big self-esteems they believe that they are worthy to be with a person who is very precious according to their own reasons.

A person suffers from narcissism tends to be materialistic. They will fall in love with someone who is well-known, very beautiful, very successful or in any case precious based on their point of view.

A narcissist loves someone because they increase their image. A narcissist can fall in love with you intensely only because you can help them protrude their superiority’s image. In other words, they will love you to upgrade their own image and to acquire more prestige.

Is it Permanent Love or only Temporary?

will a narcissists ever find true love and are they capable of love
If you ask that question, the answer is that love shown by a narcissist can be permanent one, at least according to their own reasons. A narcissist can really fall in love just like other people with healthy personality; the difference is merely their reasons.

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A narcissist only loves you if they have the good reason that the relationship gives them more advantage to their image. You can make their love permanent as long as you can keep them permanently interested. If they have a high ethic, they won’t leave you without a good cause.

If your partner has the narcissism personality disorder, it is your choice to keep it or lose it. But it is worthy to know the answer to the question of can a narcissist fall in love permanently?