Covert Narcissism in Relationships: Definition & Signs

Covert narcissism in relationships is a term which you may first hear. If you think that covert narcissism is the same with narcissism you have known before, you are wrong.

As you all know the term of narcissist refers to a person who is exaggeratedly concerned about their physical look and how people see them. It also refers to someone who is attention’s craver and persistently boasts about their achievements and triumphs without respect for others. However, covert narcissism is the opposite. covert narcissism in relationships

The Definition of Covert Narcissism

Some of you may not hear the term of covert narcissism before. Unlike the term narcissist who refers to someone who likes to be the center of attention, brags about their successes and accomplishments without thinking of others’ regard.

So basically, covert narcissism is the opposite of narcissism. Covert narcissism is a narcissism which is shown by a person with a more shy and reserved character. It’s totally different from what a narcissist shows.

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Covert narcissism is considered to be a psychological personality disorder as people who suffer from narcissism, in general, turn out to be intensely problematic with their relationships, self-identity, and path in life. Someone who suffers from covert narcissism is typically more passive, has contemptuous attitude, defensiveness, dishonesty, passive aggressiveness, and resentment.

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The Signs of your Partner Suffers from covert Narcissism

Do you know that convert narcissism in relationship exists? You may don’t see or realize that your partner or lover suffers from this personality disorder. Because as a matter of fact, the narcissism is not obvious at first, but sooner or later it will leak out.

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Your partner is probably normal in personality at first. Everything goes well. But through time, you will find that there’s something wrong with your partner, emotionally. That will put your relationship in jeopardy. That’s why it will be worthy for you to recognize the signs of covert narcissism.

  1. Over critical

    person with covert narcissism tend to be overly critical in those around them. They can make you feel foolish, unimportant, or undesirable.

  2. Have no feeling if they have to cheat, lie, or steal to get what they want

    a covert narcissist has no care about others but themselves. Everything and everyone is only their tool to achieve what they want in life. They will do anything to get it even they have to do bad things to make them feel better, more admired, more powerful, and wealthier.

  3. Dogmatic and stubborn

    a covert narcissism won’t ask you for an apology if they are in fault. They will do so if they want something for you. They can’t be argued. Even if they apologize, they are not sorry. They think they’ve done nothing wrong. They mean they stand to get something from the compromise.

  4. Lack of empathy

    They never feel sorry or empathy for anyone, even if they see someone starves to death. They have no compassion or no ability to empathize.

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If you don’t want to get problems with your relationship, you need to be aware of covert narcissists in relationships.

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