6 Fake Friend Signs You Must Know

fake friend signs
Having many friends is very fun. However, sometimes they are not your true friends but only fake friends. So, you have to know clearly about fake friend signs before they cause problems to you. In fact, today this phenomenon often happens in real life.

Fake friends can be a big harm for you. You can identify whether your friends are true friends or fake ones with some signs we will share below.
how to spot a fake friend

Common Signs of Fake Friends

There are some common signs and behaviors of fake friends. These signs are also easy to identify. So, pay attention to these signs below:

They Only Come when They Need

If you have friends who only spend time when they can get advantages, you have to be careful because it can be a sign of fake friends. Maybe, they want to be involved when you are happy. However, they leave you when you feel sad or get problems. They do not want to help you at all. When you ask something to them, they will always have reasons to reject. This phenomenon is really often to happen today.

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They Are Bad Listeners

ways to identify a false friend
It also belongs to one of the most common fake companion signs. Sometimes, there is a time where you need to share your feeling to friends. If your friends do not give response or they do not give any solution you need, it means they are bad listeners. True friends will always give you advices or at least they become good listeners. So, you have to be careful with those who are bad listeners.

They Do Not Respect Your Feeling & Opinion

how to know if your best friend is fake
Different people may have different feelings and opinions. If your friends never respect your feeling & opinion, it means they are fake friends. Good friends should always respect you. So, if you find that your friends do not give any respect to you, you should not be sad if they leave you.

They Do Not Feel Happy when You Get Success

how to tell if your friend is fake
One of the signs of fake companion is being jealous. If you have friends who never feel happy when you reach success, it means they are not your true friends. They are only fake friends. Good friends should feel happy and sad together. So, if it happens to you, you can cut of the friendship to them because they will only look for advantages from you.

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They often Tell Your Badness

Your good friends should always hide your badness. However, if your friends always tell your badness to other people, you have to be aware that they are fake friends or toxic persons. It is one of the most dangerous signals of fake friends. You have to keep away from them as soon as possible before they cause problems to you in the future.

They often Lie

The most important key of friendship is honesty. If you find that your friends always lie to you, you should not believe in them anymore. So, you have to be careful in making friendship.

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