Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

Falling in love with your best friend can be said as the most exciting and heartwarming. How is it possible to say this statement? Your best friend is the one who knows your wildest dream, darkest side of yourself, the biggest thing that can be your happiness, and also the real you.

Your best friend will be the one who supports your back no matter what on earth happens. They will stick with you during your sadness and happiness. Thus, there are lot cases where you will feel comfortable with your best friends. This comfort can further lead to the unexpected fall in love.
falling in love with your best friend

Generally, there are some signs that you can consider whether you fall in love with your best friend or not. When you fit into all those signs, it can be said that you are literally falling in love with him or her. You can deny but eventually you will admit it about your purest feeling.

Care about his/her happiness rather than your own

how do i know if i am falling in love with my best friend
As a best friend, you always pray for his/her happiness in all ways. It doesn’t matter whether s(he) only puts a slight smile on his/her face. When it happens, you would be totally grateful for this.

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Sometimes in order to make s(he) feels happy, you have to sacrifice your own happiness to make her totally pleased. Thus, when you care for him/her too much and you sacrifice your own happiness in return s(he) gets his/hers, then it is the sign that you have fallen in love with your best friend.

Thinking about him/her all the time

i fell in love with my best friend
Being a friend means that you want to be with him/her longer than when you want to be alone. You can hang out together or watch movie together to spend the time. When you are home, you should have been focused on what you should do tomorrow and finish up what you are doing right now.

Unless you do, you will think about a topic that you can have with him/her so that the talk goes longer than you think. In fact, if you keep on thinking about your best friend all the time and you can’t stand being far from her even a single second, sorry dude, you are head over heels with him/her.

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Secretly admire him/her

in love with my best friend
Secretly admire your best friend isn’t a bad term though. It is the time when you make a list of reasons why it is totally fine for you to admire him/her. For example, you admire him/her because of the appearance, the characteristics, the moment you spend together, his/her smile, the way s(he) talks, the way s(he) looks at you, and everything.

Probably your best friend won’t realize how you look at him/her because your best friend might consider you as his/her best friend where s(he) can say whatever they have in mind.

Well, these signs will keep going on because there are a lot of signs and also moments where you can consider of falling in love with your best friend.

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