How to Stop Being Friends with Someone?

How to stop being friends with someone? Friendship might have strong bond among one another. In fact, it is actually fragile when some people don’t have much respect towards other people. It takes time to build a friendship but you don’t need much time to ruin the relationship among one another.

Betraying someone or some people is the major reason why people have to split their relationship and there is no turning back to be like they used to be. Most cases happen when you want to stop being friends with someone but you don’t find the precise way to stop being friends with them. Do you have some ideas about it? how to stop being friends with someone

Think back about your friendship

Sometimes when you feel totally upset and heartbroken about your friend because she or he chooses love over friendship, you think that stop being friends is the best solution. You can go on your way and your friend can choose their own path. Putting an end to something isn’t that hard. Compared to building a strong bond between different characters, ending something is a piece of cake thing to do. how to stop being friends with someone you see everyday or work with or someone you like and love

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In fact, you should think back about your friendship. Think about how much you have survived to be at the present state, think about how long you have spent time altogether, and also think about how many problems you have solved together. When you have really decided not to continue the friendship, it would be a different matter.

Avoid fixing the friendship

When you think that the door to the apology has been closed forever and there is no way to fix it up, you have to make sure that your friend can’t be friends with you anymore. You can avoid fixing the friendship by changing your habit.

how to get over a friend and distance yourself from a friend

When you know that your friend enjoys playing online games, then you should change the place where you used to play game together. If you friend insists of calling or texting you and you feel annoyed about it, you can simply change your mobile phone.

In fact, when you are choosing to go for the polite way so that your friend will never contact you anymore, you have to clear of that intention so that the person has already figured out that he or she has no more chance to be friend with you anymore.

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Find another friend

how to break up with a friend or end a friendship

Stop being friend with someone doesn’t mean that you can’t make other friends. You can get along with those who want to be friends with you and have no intention of leaving you over love.

Looking at how upset you feel towards that friend you want to stop being friend, it must be quite painful to have different friend. You will keep comparing them with that friend you have unintentionally. It is a natural thing happens in human.

Some of these tips can be used to solve your baffling mind about how to end your friendship. However, probably you have your own way on how to stop being friends with someone.