How Well Do You Know Your Friend?

How well do you know your friend? When suddenly someone asks you this kind of question, what kind of answer would you like to give? Initially and spontaneously, you might answer that you do know your friends really well.

In fact, just because you often go out and hang out with them means that you know your friends really well. That might be partially true but some other cases by hanging out or having dinner together can’t guarantee someone or some people know certainly about their friends. Probably they want to hang out just because they need refreshment, or because they are too bored in the apartment, or they want to seek their own happiness with or without you.
how well do you know your friend

Ask These Questions to Yourself

How to measure the level whether you know and understand your friend well or not? It is a good question though. However, for some people they will ask themselves some questions as follow.

What are his/her daily habits?
Getting to know your friend’s habits means that you know where s(he) will be at specific time, what s(he) is doing, whom s(he) will meet, where is his/her favorite place to hang out and have a cup of coffee, and other schedules that might follow.

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By being close to your friend, you will know everything as simple as this without even confirming his/her position at certain time. It may sound cheesy but when you know the daily habits, we can personally say that you know your friend quite well.
ways to know and understand your best friend mate

What is his/her background?
When someone wants to be friend with you, they never put their personal background on the first conversation. It will all start by the working place, hobbies, favorite food, favorite coffee shop, gym place, and others.

However, when someone wants to be open even to the history of the family, it can be said that you have come to the stage where you know your friend well.

What would s(he) do when feeling moody?
things you should know and understand about your best friend
Having your mood changed can be concluded that it isn’t something easy to handle. You can’t just spit out of nowhere which is sounded like impolite and rude. When someone is horribly bad mood, s(he) will turn into a wolf that can kill you at the same time.

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In fact, when your best friend is totally bad mood, you will know what you should and shouldn’t do. You will also know how to handle him/her without even adding the stress and complicate the situation.

What does the term happiness mean to him/her?
how well do you know your best close friend
Someone refers the term of happiness in a lot of ways. It could be the eternal limit of the money they have. It could be the biggest house to own on earth. It could be a job that they do nothing but get paid as much as people can’t imagine. It could be the most handsome husband or the most popular wife to be married with.

When you are close with someone, you will know whether s(he) refers the happiness through material or psychological thing that does matter for them. What about you? How well do you really know about your best friend?