I Have No Friends Anymore: Start Off These Tips to be Fabulous

Would I have no friends anymore when I weren’t rich anymore? Sometimes people would thick this shallow when it is related to money. As money can be one of the most sensitive topics to be talked about, people might have similar idea as they thought their friends are going to leave when there is nothing else to suck the benefits.

However, when you have no friends right now doesn’t mean that it is the end of your life. You can still have a life, enjoy your job, take holidays, eat great food, and many more. Moreover, you don’t ask them to give you food either (read also how to be happy alone & enjoy a more fulfilled life without friends).
i have no friends anymore

Tips on Making Friends
In order to make friends or at least make them want to be friends with you, you need to do some efforts for it. What will you do when you face this kind of issue? Here are some trusted and also recommended tips for all of you on how to make it happen.

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Don’t hide your true characters

i have no close real close best friends anymore
For some people, you might be a stranger who has nothing to make people feel interested to know you more. There is nothing special that can attract them or at least to make them feel curious and they want to know you more. Being weird isn’t a bad thing.

You can express the real characters that you have. When some people really want to be friends, they should have been able to accept the real characters you have. You should never hide your true self when it comes to your confidence.

Increase your social skills

no more friends
Having no friend might indicate that you have disability in your social skills. You feel unconfident about yourself and it is clearly reflected on how you do the conversation, whether you are able to start off a conversation or not.

By increasing your social skills, you will be able to turn out to be more confident in front of the people. You will never feel shy being in the middle of the people. You can increase your social skills by joining the public speaking courses. These courses will teach you on how to gain confidence and strength when probably you have no more confidence starting a conversation.

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Try to make social circle

i literally have no friends anymore
After gaining more confidence that you have been taught, it is the time for you to try making your own social circle. You can start making friends from those who have the same interest in a certain subject or jobs.

During this period, you have to be a bit brave to start conversation at least with your workmates or your colleagues. It helps you build friendship. Later it can be your habit in making friends with other social circle.

Indeed, not all people would accept you immediately but believe me when you keep on trying, they eventually accept you in their own way. When you have bad attitudes it would be better to get rid of it so that others people won’t consider you as a strange person in their circle. In the end, you won’t say I have no more friends.