No Friends in College / High School: What to Do?

No friends in college/high school might be the indicator that you are an introvert. You are always alone and you have nobody sitting next to you because you find it hard to socialize and get along well with people. Indeed, you might have tried all times to be able to make friends but it turned out the wrong way.

People who are lonely or shy or struggling with social interactions also feel depressed. In fact, you can still get a fabulous life alone without friends, right? You can still prove to your school mates that you can survive with or without them. When you have no friend in the college or in high school, what can you do?
no friends in college

Understand yourself much better

no friends in high school
When you have no friends at community college or high school, there must be something that you still haven’t known about yourself. What is that thing? You should have to figure it out by yourself because when you don’t know it how come other people can figure it out for you?

During your loneliness, don’t be sad and don’t think that is it the end of your pretty world. You can enjoy the ride and understand yourself better. I don’t ask you to be other people or pretend such people, because being yourself is the best way to stand out. In fact, when being yourself and being better in characteristics can make you enjoy the life to the fullest.

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Start to build confidence

depressed at college no friends after first second semester senior junior
After understanding yourself, you need to start making a circle. This social circle will help you much. It could be improving your confidence, making more friends, adding knowledge that you can’t obtain from books and internet, and other priceless things.

In fact, before making a circle you have to start building confidence. It is aimed to know other people well so that they want to be friend with you. During the initial stage you might fail over times but in time, you will reap what you sown.

Show your positive to others

i have no friends in college
Others have their own rights whether they want to befriend with you or not. In fact, when you show your positive sides to other people, others might consider once again being with you as your friend.

How to show your positive? You can help your friend or friends that even they don’t know your name with the subjects they are mad about or you can do anything else to show that you aren’t that bad to be with them.

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Master social skills

college without friends
It is quite useless when you have confidence but you can’t improve your social skills. Social skills are needed to expand relations out there. It doesn’t have to be students in the same school or students in the same university. Relation is needed not only for the homework projects or anything but it can be used for the future work too.

These are my version on what to do when you have no friends. This isn’t the end of the world because you can do something. Then what about you? What would you do if you have no friends in high school or college?

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