Would I have no friends anymore when I weren’t rich anymore? Sometimes people would thick this shallow when it is related to money. As money can be one of the most sensitive topics to be talked about, people might have similar idea as they thought their friends are going to […]

How well do you know your friend? When suddenly someone asks you this kind of question, what kind of answer would you like to give? Initially and spontaneously, you might answer that you do know your friends really well. In fact, just because you often go out and hang out […]

How to stop being friends with someone? Friendship might have strong bond among one another. In fact, it is actually fragile when some people don’t have much respect towards other people. It takes time to build a friendship but you don’t need much time to ruin the relationship among one […]

When a friend betrays you, it must have been totally heartbroken and also horrible thing to accept. You put all of your trust to your friends but you don’t receive the same thing in return. It makes you don’t value any kinds of friendship anymore (read also signs of toxic […]

No friends in college/high school might be the indicator that you are an introvert. You are always alone and you have nobody sitting next to you because you find it hard to socialize and get along well with people. Indeed, you might have tried all times to be able to […]