There are loads of things to tell your best friend. It could be your personal crush, your hottest gossip, your honest feeling, your ideal man or woman to marry, your dream, your places to visit, your favorite place to have a cup of coffee, and anything. As your best friend […]

Fun activities for people with no friends aren’t possible to happen. Some people believe that in order to have a fun day or especially some fun activities, it takes two or more to make it fun. Have you ever heard a proverb of it takes two to tango? It works […]

Falling in love with your best friend can be said as the most exciting and heartwarming. How is it possible to say this statement? Your best friend is the one who knows your wildest dream, darkest side of yourself, the biggest thing that can be your happiness, and also the […]

Things to say to your boyfriend might be something spontaneous that you don’t plan to speak of. It is just happened that way that you want to speak and here they are. Sometimes if you aren’t a romantic person but you want to be one, you need to know some […]

“I hate my boyfriend!” This kind of saying must have been heard by your best friends or those who are getting annoyed with their boyfriends. When it happens, there are two things that everyone needs to do whether they have to fix their current issues between them and their boyfriends […]