Prayer for a Friend – What are the Benefits?

Prayer for a friend is needed for all kinds of occasion not only when your friend is having an issue but also when you want his or her soul to be comforted with God.

Praying is a means that people can do in order to communicate and talk with God. This is the time when you can say what you want say whether you feel gratitude, you feel sad, you feel hopeless and desperate, or whatever your feeling. Even when you want to pray for your friend, it is also possible since God listens all his children’s prayers.
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Is Prayers for Friends Useful?

Sometimes people would think that praying especially making a prayer for friends has no benefits. It could be some kinds of image building in front of people that you are a religious people. Ah, that is so classical. Instead of busily creating image, being really and honestly close to God will never hurt anyone. Here are some of what you can call as the benefits of praying for a friend.

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Provide comfort – When you make a prayer for your friend, you can say everything to your Almighty God. You will provide comfort for yourself although you might have no issue right at this state. You will help your friend who is having a problem through your prayer and it is totally useful for your mind and your friend’s mind.

Probably you might be unable to solve the problem since it is totally impossible for you to handle, in fact by praying you can at least help them for having a better life.
pray for your friendship short prayer for friends

Provide safety – Praying might be something that you need to do every single time not only when you are facing problems. When you want to drive to work, when you want to eat and sleep, when you want to perform or take part in a competition, and many more.

It feels like praying will provide the feeling of safe. Although by praying you can’t get the direct protection like you watch on action movies, in fact, you will get the feeling of secured naturally.
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Spread positivity – If other people might criticize on how other get dress and how they behave, by praying you are indirectly spreading the positivity not only for the friend that you are praying for but also for your society that surrounds you.

This kind of positivity is what your friends might need during their issues. When people have no more positivity that builds their strong bond with God, they might fall into sin which can affect their future as well.
prayers for friends prayer for positivy safety and comfort for a friend

Praying for your friend is, to put it simply, a kind of activity that you can do not only to build a strong relationship but also to heal your friend’s life and mind which may be at stake right now. It seems to be a good way to spread positivity for other people too. Thus, when you think that you want to help your friends but you don’t know how you can make a short or special prayer for your good friends.