5 Signs of Toxic Person in Your Life and How to Handle Them

We all have toxic person that cause negativity envelop our day and all we must do is find out the signs of toxic people to make you aware of them. Even if you find them “toxic”, sometimes you can’t stay away from them.

Imagine, if you find out that one of your family member, your friend that you know for years, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your boss, or your colleague at work are kind of toxic person and it is impossible for you not to interact or talk to them.
signs of a toxic person

Sometimes, being around this kind of people will bring you into inconvenient moment and spread negativity vibe around. It is important for you to know what are the signs of toxic person and it will be better for you if you know how to handle them.

Warning Signs of Toxic Person

How to spot a person with a toxic personality disorder? Sometimes you even didn’t realize you’re close with these toxic people and somehow, you’ll never know when will these people will cause chaos and bring you into difficult situation. So, you better look around and if you find one of this below sign around, beware!

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They need to be right

toxic person
The first characteristic of toxic person is they never wants to be in situation where people see them wrong. They will tend to impose the will of others to think the same.

They’re surrounded by drama

signs of a toxic people friend family relationship marriage parents mother father
Interesting life will always be their goal. They will do everything to have the spotlight. Bring out the drama in every situation is another trait of toxic person and somehow, it makes them satisfied if people are interested with their stories.

They’re always the victim

signs of a toxic person in your life
Beware if you’re around the people who has this sign. You never know when they did you wrong and they are turning the story around, and making it look as if they are the victim.

They never have a nice word to say about others

the traits and characteristics of a toxic person
Your words are what people will remember about you. It will always be your characteristics. People can easily judge you by how you talk and what are the topic you choose in most of the conversation. Talking bad about other people will take you nowhere.

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They’re attention seeker

This point aligned with second point. The only reason why toxic person make drama in their lives is they want to be in the center of attention. Social status and how people see them are very important. They can value themselves by how much people interesting in their personal lives.

How to deal with poisonous people? If being far away from toxic person in unavoidable for you, it is better for us to have some ways to handle them, or at least how to respond to this kind of person. You can simply change the subject if you know they’re about to talk bad about other people, engage and persuade them to do something positive to make them forget about their drama things.

These kinds of ways may help you to have better chance of catching yourself before you’re into toxic surrounding and we can be more aware because we already know how to recognize when someone’s personality is truly toxic.

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