Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Have Long Term Relationship

Things to say to your boyfriend might be something spontaneous that you don’t plan to speak of. It is just happened that way that you want to speak and here they are. Sometimes if you aren’t a romantic person but you want to be one, you need to know some words to say to your boyfriend either to make him love you even more or to console him after a serious argumentation earlier.

I know that it isn’t going to be easy to have a sweet talk or sweet words to your boyfriend. Here you can start learning whispering those sweet words to your boyfriend to have better bonds in your relationship. It is worth a try too!
things to say to your boyfriend

“If you died in 100 days, I would pray to God that I would die in 99 days because I can’t stand living a day off without you.”
This statement might be too much and too exaggerating. In fact, for those who are too falling in love with their boyfriends, this can be something common to happen. The speaker might want to convey the feeling through the sweet talk she has in mind.

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This statement wants to emphasize how grateful her due to his presence. That is why she can’t live when he isn’t around anymore. However, for some people this statement sounds so cheesy because they don’t think this way. When someone isn’t around anymore, they have to move on and have a new life ahead in better way.
romantic things to say to your boyfriend

“There is no place for me except beside you.”
Having in a relationship means that you have to always stick to him although both of you might stay apart each other. When everything seems to break you apart, there will always be the reasons for you to make up and get the stronger bonds.

Sometimes the girl would say that statement in order to ensure her boyfriend that she isn’t going anywhere because she is meant to be beside him for the rest of the time. Probably there might be the third person but that isn’t going to be the end because she is determined to be with him and there is no chance for the third person to intruder.
say nice sweet things to your boyfriend

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“I am so grateful that you put up with me all this time.”
Being in love with someone means that you have to accept both weaknesses and power others have. It isn’t easy because sometimes people tend to accept power over the weaknesses. By appreciating all this suffering and efforts done towards you, this saying can be concluded as a gratitude for him to keep on being with you.

“I like me better when I am with you.”
What is the essence of having a boyfriend but not accepting the real you? When you are in a relationship with someone, you have to be yourself. You need to embrace all the negative sides you have and he has to accept the real you. Sometimes when you meet someone who tries to change to be someone they want to be, it means that he doesn’t love you that much.

These are some examples of what things to say to your boyfriend.