When a Friend Betrays You, What Should You Do?

When a friend betrays you, it must have been totally heartbroken and also horrible thing to accept. You put all of your trust to your friends but you don’t receive the same thing in return. It makes you don’t value any kinds of friendship anymore (read also signs of toxic person).
when a friend betrays you

You will get angry to your friend and more importantly you will get angry to yourself for believing your friends for too much. Later when you think too much about this, you will get sick and you drop the mood for the time being. It sucks indeed when your friend that you cherish betrays you. You need to do the counter attack to ensure that you are fine, although literally you aren’t that fine.

Looking from different perspectives

how to react and heal when a friend betrays you
When you find that one or some of your good friends betray you and hurt you at the end, you need to hold your anger. You have to look the reasons why they betray you. There must be the third party who knows the case well.

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Think about the role you have in that case whether you made the mistakes first or whatever. When your friend gives you a reason why he or she did this, you need to listen and don’t make any judges without considerations. Sometimes by spending more time being alone, you would be able to come to an end.

Letting everything go

how to cope and handle when a friend betrays you
Something that had happened can’t be rewind or turned back. You have to accept what had happened. In other words, you have to let it go. You can spend time in thinking why it happened. When you do, you will feel relaxed and you can go to a far place where nobody can bother you. It will help you in giving more comfort and you can try to put trust to other slowly.

Sometimes self-soothing is needed in order for you to heal faster. The point is that you shouldn’t blame yourself and your friends too much. You need to know that accidents happen to anyone so perhaps it is just your turn to get this kind of accident.

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When you feel that it is too painful to forget and forgive, you can cry as much as you like. It might take a few days for you to regain your consciousness. However, when you can forget and forgive, your life would be much better in the future.

Decide whether to forgive or end the friendship

betrayed by my best friend
After taking some time, you will come to an end eventually. You need to decide whether you want to forgive your best friend who betrayed you or you want to end the friendship because there is no way back to the relationship that you used to have.

However, when you have decided to forgive and move on, you should never talk about it over and over again. You have to move on and open your own new life with him or her without holding grudges. What about you? What would you do when a best friend betrays you?

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