Common Things Narcissists Say & How to Deal with Them

things narcissists say
Narcissists are very clever to use their words and communication skill to manipulate and mislead others. They are very clever to manipulate the situation with how they talk and turn the situation into something they want.

They can speak as if they speak from the heart and are honest as they are, but, what they really mean is the opposite of what they say. We will discuss what are common things narcissists say and from there we can anticipate and think about how to deal with them.
narcissist sayings

Words that Come Out from Narcissist

My exes are crazy

These words are of course not interpreted with real meaning. What the narcissists want to say is how amazing they are and how they can make their exes are crazy about them.

It’s not all about you

Of course, for narcissists, it’s not all about you and it will never about you. This word is spoken only for low self-esteem but they’re not really mean it. Because for them, it’s all about them.

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Why can’t we remain friends?

Narcissists will never admit if what they did or said was wrong and it may hurt people. When someone is get away because of their attitudes, there will not be self-introspection, they will even ask why they cannot be friends again. That is one of common things narcissist say in their friendship life.

No one would believe you

Narcissist will try to say things that will make your confidence down, because by doing that way, they get the power and make their words more powerful to manipulate situation.

You’ll never find someone like me

This is one of the common expressions of a narcissist, if they say this, the level of narcist they have is very high. The reason why narcissists say this is that they make others think no one is better than them and no one will do better as well.
example of what do narcissists say and what they mean common expressions things narcissistic friend parents mothers ex husband says

Actions You Should Take When You Meet Narcissist

Don’t take the statements personally

Narcissists will be very happy if you take all their words personally and that’s when they can manipulate you. That is one of common things narcissists say to make you insecure.

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Refuse to engage with them on any level

It’s a very extreme move from you. Instead of you wasting a lot of time and making your mood bad, maybe you better refuse to engage with narcissist from the first second.

Narcissists have the ability to bring out the insecurities of other people and manipulate them through their words. So, be careful to show your weaknesses and flaws, especially when you are not sure if there are narcissist people around you and will try to bring you down.

Good for you to know common things narcissists say in how they usually cause insecurities in their victim’s life. If you can avoid contact with them at all, it will be better, because it will put you at a very small risk of hurt.

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